Food is love: Feeding the hungry heart

Food is Love

They say the world runs on love. But if you ask me, the world equally runs on food, and the food is love, else…would just breathing and drinking will make you sustain in this world?

Love with Food

Love with Food

This might sound a bit weird initially. But our human mind has also the potential of thinking beyond normal tendency and going by that, we have our own world as well which houses many things, features and what not. So like the natural environment including trees, animals, water bodies make the real world breathe, sustain and live,  it’s the food in our case in all forms which do the same to us!

So yeah, Food is Love.

Food Lovers


When Food is love

This world has many great attractions which charm us as compared to the regular ones and we also look forward to spending some private time with someone whom we love and adore. So in our world, we have so many great regions in the form of cuisines and attractions in the form of special food items. If I go personal, when was the last time when food has NOT generated any feeling to us that ranges from Love to even Hate? and if I go deep, our intimacy lies with something hot, spicy and cool that is delicious, scrumptious and even outrageous! And these moments of intimacy have their place too…and we call them either home, restaurant, hotels, joints, cafe and so on…

So why not! Food is love!



Food breaks so many bridges and walls of enmity, complexes, silence…just like art whose output is a made up of many ingredients such as passion, care, and devotion, that brings the second person close to us, developing a special bond. Food is just like that, where we prepare with the same ingredients added with some spice and sweet…where we make the bond spicier and sweeter…thus bringing a boost to the bond.

Isn’t it genuine enough to admit now? Is that food is love?

Love comes from the heart….so Does Food…where there is hardly any room for Logic. The feeling just comes up organically with which you feel intimate within the progression of time. It’s difficult to evaluate the difference between food and love…

Now even now? Can anyone confront me about supporting my “cause”?

Please comment if you liked or disliked this post, or if you think of something I can add to it. 🙂

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